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Korean grammar - Polite questions - 습니까? / ㅂ니까?

Polite questions - 습니까? / ㅂ니까?

Pattern: Verb stem + 습니까? / ㅂ니까?

When asking questions using the polite formal form we use the 습니까? / ㅂ니까? ending.

This is called the formal interrogative form.

Hello? / Are (you) well?

안녕하다 means 'to be well' or 'to be healthy'

The expected response is , 안녕하십니까?

매일 운동을 합니까 ?
Do you exercise every day?
질문이 있습니까?
Do (you) have a question?
이것을 어떻게 생각합니까?
What do (you) think of this?
여행을 좋아합니까?
Do (you) like traveling?
누구를 기다립니까?
Who are (you) waiting for?
수업은 몇 시에 시작합니까?
What time does the class start?
여자친구 있습니까?
Do (you) have a girlfriend?
여자친구를 사랑합니까?
Do you love (your) girlfriend?
어디에 삽니까?
Where do (you) live?
무슨 책을 읽습니까?
Which book are (you) reading?
어디에서 한국말을 배웁니까?
Where are (you) learning Korean?
저 배우가 누구입니까?
Who is that actor?
이광일 아닙니까?
Isn't (that) Lee Kwang-il?
어제 무엇을 했습니까?
What did (you) do yesterday?
어느 나라에서 왔습니까?
Which country are (you) from?
오늘 회의를 열었습니까?
Did (you) have a meeting today?

Past tense question

오늘 야근 할 겁니까?
Are (you) going to work overtime today?

Future tense question