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Korean grammar - Perhaps because - 아/어/여서 그런지

Perhaps because - 아/어/여서 그런지

Pattern: Verb stem + //여서 그런지

This pattern Verb stem + //여서 그런지 is used to give possible reason to explain some situation.

This pattern has a past tense form: Verb stem + //여서 그랬는지.

In colloquial Korean this pattern is often shortened to ~/었는지

한국 사람이어서 그런지 매운 음식을 좋아해요.
(I) like spicy food maybe because (I) am Korean.
당신이 속상하게 해서 그런지 숙경이가 오늘 안 왔어요.
Sukgyong didn't come today - may be because (you) upset her.

속상하게 하다 means 'to upset someone'

시험 결과가 걱정돼서 그런지 입맛이 없군요.
(I) have no appetite - may be because (I) am worried about the test results.

군요 ending expressing surprise

걱정되다 means 'to be worried about'

입맛이 없다 means 'to have no appetite'

요즘 환절기여서 그런지 날씨가 쌀쌀하네요.
It is chilly - may be because the seasons are changing recently.

네요 ending expressing impression, thought or surprise

요즘 means 'recently'

환절기 means 'the turning point of the seasons'

The in 여서 is the verb 이다 (to be)

쌀쌀하다 means 'to be chilly'

피곤해서 그런지 자꾸만 졸리네요.
(I) keep getting sleepy - may be because (I) am tired.

네요 ending expressing impression, thought or surprise

자꾸() means 'repeatedly'

졸리다 means 'to feel sleepy'

여자 친구가 없어서 그런지 심심해하는 것 같아요.
(He) seems bored - may be because (his) girlfriend isn't there.
강아지가 잠들어서 그런지 집이 너무 조용하네요.
The house is so quiet - may be because the dog is sleeping.

네요 ending expressing impression, thought or surprise

기분이 좋아서 그런지 조현이는 계속 노래를 부르고 있어요.
Johyun keeps on singing - may be because she's in a good mood.
미세먼지가 없어서 그런지 날씨가 좋아요.
The weather is nice – maybe because there is no fine dust.

미세먼지 is a fine yellow dust blows into the Korean peninsula from the Mongolian steppes when strong winds blow from the north west.

저는 한국 사람이 좋아서 그런지 한국에 대한 모든 것이 너무 좋아요.
(I) like everything about Korea - may be because I like Korean people so much.

한국에 대한 translates to 'about Korea'

바빠서 그런지 광일이는 영화관에 가고 싶어 하지 않아요.
Maybe because (he) is busy, Kwangil does not want to go to the cinema
잠을 못 자서 그런지 머리가 아프다.
Maybe because (I) did not sleep, (I) have a headache.
비가 올 것 같다. 그래서 그런지 우산을 들고 있는 사람들이 많다.
It looks like it will rain. That's why there are a lot of people holding umbrellas.

ending - exclamative form

아침을 굶었다. 그래서 그런지 하루 종일 힘이 들었다.
(I) skipped breakfast. That's why I was tired all day.

ending - exclamative form

아침 means 'morning' but is also short for 'breakfast'

굶다 means 'to skip a meal' or 'to fast' or 'to starve'

힘들다 means 'to be tired' or 'to lack energy'

감기약을 먹어서 그랬는지 수업 시간 때 졸려서 혼났어요.
Maybe because (I) took cold medicine, (I) fell asleep in class and got scolded.

Uses the past tense form 그랬는지

비가 와서 그랬는지 쇼핑을 하고 싶지 않았다.
(I) didn’t want to go shopping maybe because it was raining.

Uses the past tense form 그랬는지

ending - exclamative form

기분이 좋아서 그랬는지 민준이는 계속 노래를 부르고 있었어요.
Maybe it was because (he) was in a good mood, so Minjun kept singing.

Uses the past tense form 그랬는지

네요 ending expressing impression, thought or surprise

기분이 좋다 means 'to be in a good mood'

친구가 양이 좀 적어서 그랬는지 더 시키겠다고 했다.
Maybe because there wasn’t much food, (my) friend ordered more.

ending - exclamative form