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Korean grammar - Only, just - 만

Only, just - 만

The particle means 'only' or 'just' and can be inserted after a noun or number.

It can also be added after other particles/markers.

-- When used together with the subject (/), topic (/) or object (/) markers, is placed between the noun and the particle.

-- But when used with other particles (such as , 에서, 에게, 까지 etc.) it comes after the particles.

하나만 주세요.
Please give (me) just one.
펜 하나만 빌려주실 수 있을까요?
Can (you) lend (me) just one pen?
그의 어머니는 돌아가시고 아버지만 살아계셔요.
His mother is dead and only (his) father is alive.
여기서 빈둥거리기만 할 게 아니라 그들을 도와야 해요.
Don't just sit around here. (We) should help them.
이제 티켓 하나만 남았나요?
Is there only one ticket left?
다른 사람을 비난하기만 하는 것은 어리석은 태도이에요.
It is foolish to just criticize others.
이제 수학 숙제만 남아서 곧 나가서 놀 수 있어요.
Now all (I) have left is math homework, so (I) can go out and play soon.
인내심만이 기회를 줄 것이에요.
Only patience can give (you) an opportunity.
일만 하다가는 병이 날 수도 있어요.
If (you) only work, (you) can get sick.
여기엔 우리만 남았어요.
We are the only ones left here.
세 사람만 앞으로 나오세요.
Just three people please come forward.
동생은 고기만을 먹어요.
(My) younger brother only eats meat.

is inserted before the object marker

이 도서관은 월요일만 쉬어요.
This library is only closed on Mondays.

도서관 means 'library'

오늘 회사에 도윤 씨만 왔어요.
Only Doyoon came to the company (office) today.
어제 맥주만을 마셨어요.
(I) only drank beer yesterday.

is inserted before the object marker

그는 거짓말만 해요.
He only lies.

거짓말 means 'lie'

진솔이는 하루종일 공부만 했어요.
Jinsul did nothing but study all-day.

하루종일 means 'all day long'

우리 딸은 학교에서만 공부하고 집에서는 공부하지 않아요.
Our (my) daughter only studies at school and not at home.

after the particle 에서

그녀는 하윤에게만 선물을 줬어요.
She gave only Hayun a present.

after the particle 에게

지윤 씨는 열두시까지만 공부하고 자요.
Jiyoon studies until twelve o'clock and then sleeps.

after the particle 까지