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Korean grammar - No less than, as many as - (이)나

No less than, as many as - (이)나

Pattern: Number/counter + ()

The particle () is attached to a number (or it's corresponding counter) to express up to or in excess of that number.

In English the equivalent is 'no less than' or ' as many as'.

The particle 밖에 (no more than) is the opposite.

백 달러나 받았어요.
(I) received as much as one hundred dollars.
매일 텔레비전을 두 시간이나 봐요.
Every day (I) watch TV as many as two hours.
이 봉지에는 사과가 일곱 개나 있어요.
There are as many as seven apples in this bag.
집에 쌀이 십 킬로그램이나 있는데 왜 또 주문해야 하나요?
(We) have as many as ten kilogrammes of rice at home, so why do (we) have to order another one?
책꽂이에 책이 천 권이나 있어요.
There are as many as a thousand books on the bookshelf.
저는 오늘 전투기를 쉰대나 보았어요.
I saw as many as fifty fighters today.

전투기 means 'fighter aircraft'

학교에 학생들이 오천 명이나 모였어요.
There were as many as five thousand students at the school.
그 청원서에는 삼십만 명이나 동의했어요.
As many as three hundred thousand people signed the petition.
무지개가 두 개나 하늘에 있어요.
There are as many as two rainbows in the sky.
시험을 보려면 일곱 과목이나 공부해야 해요.
(You) have to study as many as seven subjects to take the exam.
저를 기다리는 사람이 열 명이나 있어요.
There are as many as ten people waiting for me.
구두가 백 켤레나 있어요.
(I) have as many as a hundred pairs of shoes.
말하기 대회에 심사위원이 일곱 명이나 있어요.
There are as many as seven judges for the speaking contest.
냉장고에 과일이 아홉 가지나 있어요.
There are as many as nine kinds of fruit in the refrigerator.
어제 술을 네 잔이나 마셨어요.
(I) drank at least four glasses of alcohol last night.
커피값이 만 원이나 해요?
Is the price of a cup of coffee is at least ten thousand won?
커피를 하루에 다섯 잔이나 마셔요?
Do (you) drink at least five cups of coffee a day?
세뱃돈을 오만 원이나 받았어요.
(I) got at least fifty thousand won for New Year money.

세뱃돈 is a gift of money given by elders to younger people on New Year.

집에 친구들이 스무 명이나 왔어요.
Twenty friends came to my home.
오늘 공원에 차가 쉰 대나 있었어요.
There were as many as fifty cars at the park today.
물이 반이나 남았어요.
At least half of the water remains/is left.