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Korean grammar - More and much more - 더 and 훨씬

More and much more - 더 and 훨씬

The words and 훨씬 are intensifiers that can be added before a verb to mean 'more' or 'much more'.

Note that in phrases constructed with and 훨씬, we should use the subject marker/, not the topic marker /.

제가 돈이 더 많아요.
I have more money.
제가 더 잘생겼어요.
I am more handsome.
한국 라면이 더 매워요.
Korean ramen is spicier.
이 방이 조금 더 좁아요.
This room is a little bit smaller.
지난 학기에는 조금 더 열심히 공부했어요.
Last term I studied a little bit harder.

In this example, the topic marker in 에는 is fine because it acts as a contrastive marker. The subject is actual the (absent) first person (I).

오늘이 훨씬 더워요.
Today is much hotter.
오늘은 그녀가 훨씬 더 예뻐요.
Today she is much prettier.
요즘은 서울이 훨씬 좋아요.
These days Seoul is much better.
이 가방이 훨씬 더 비싸요.
This bag is much more expensive.
한국의 사계절이 훨씬 더 뚜렷해요.
The four seasons in Korea are much more distinct.
작은 레몬이 더 셔요.
A small lemon is more sour.

작은 means 'small'

고추장이 더 매워요.
Red pepper paste is spicier.