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Korean grammar - Make sure - 도록 하다

Make sure - 도록 하다

Pattern: Verb stem + 도록 하다

Another causative form is 도록 하다 which has the sense of making sure or being sure that something does or doesn't happen.

There is some overlap in meaning with 하다 but 도록 하다 is less direct and therefore more polite.

This auxiliary verb 도록 하다 is attached directly to a Verb stem.

기다리도록 하세요.
Please be sure to wait.
앞으로 늦지 않도록 하세요.
Make sure not to be late anymore.
약을 먹고 쉬도록 하세요.
Make sure to take some medicine and rest.
이제부터 열심히 공부하도록 할게요.
From now on (I) will make sure to study hard.
내일 아침에 일찍 일어나도록 하세요.
Please be sure to get up early tomorrow morning.
오늘안에 끝내도록 해요.
Please be sure to finish it before the day is done.
내일 시험을 칠 테니까 열심히 공부하도록 해요.
Tomorrow (I) will give you a test so be sure to study hard.
배가 고프면 식사하도록 해요.
If you're hungry, be sure get something to eat.
몸이 안 좋으면 잠시 쉬도록 해요.
If you don't feel well, be sure take a break for a while.
유리가 깨지지 않게 조심하도록 할게요.
(I) will be careful to make sure this glass doesn't get broken.
내일 수업 시작 전에 학교에 도착하도록 해요.
Make sure (you) get to school before class starts tomorrow.
수업 후에 숙제는 꼭 오늘 제출하도록 하세요.
Be sure to turn in (your) homework after class today.
한국어를 한국 사람처럼 잘 할 수 있도록 열심히 할 거예요.
I will make sure that (I) work hard so that (I) can speak Korean as well as a Korean.
내일부터는 담배를 피우지 않도록 할 거예요.
I'm going to make sure to stop smoking from tomorrow.
이번 주에는 학교에 지각하지 말도록 하세요.
This week please don’t be late for school.
감기에 걸리지 않도록 조심하세요.
Be sure that (you) don’t catch a cold.

Or 'Be careful not to catch a cold. '

약을 먹고 나서 며칠 동안 푹 쉬도록 하세요.
After taking the medicine, make sure to rest for a few days.
학교에 못 오면 꼭 연락을 드리도록 할거예요.
(I) will make sure to contact (you) if (I) can’t make it to school.