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Korean grammar - Know/think that - 줄 알다/모르다

Know/think that - 줄 알다/모르다

The pattern 알다/모르다 is used to express realization of something incorrect.

The sense of surprise at having realised that some fact had been incorrect.

-- In English we might say 'Oh I hadn't realized^ or 'Oh, I had (mistakenly) thought that^

It can be used in all three tenses:

Past tense: Verb stem + () 알았다/몰랐다

Present tense: Verb stem + 알았다/몰랐다

Future tense: Verb stem + () 알았다/몰랐다

벌써 결혼한 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't know (you) were already married.
우리가 다시 만날 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) never thought we'd meet again.
어제 이렇게 눈이 많이 온 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't know it snowed so much yesterday.
내일 눈이 많이 올 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't know it would snow a lot tomorrow.
오늘 비가 올 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't expect it to rain today.
컴퓨터가 이렇게 비쌀 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't know computers could be so expensive.
연순씨가 이렇게 노래를 잘할 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't know Yeonsoon could sing so well.
김치가 이렇게 매울 줄 몰랐어요.
She didn't know kimchi could be this spicy.
영화가 그렇게 슬플 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't expect the movie to be so sad.
그는 오늘이 마감일인 줄 알았어요.
He (mistakenly) thought today was the deadline.
언니는 집에 내가 돌아온 줄 몰랐어요.
(My) sister didn't know that (I) was back home.
나는 그 아이가 옆집에 사는 줄 몰랐어요.
I didn't know the kid was living next door.
조윤이는 친구들이 생일파티를 준비하는 줄 몰랐던 거죠.
Joyoon didn't know that his friends were planning a birthday party.
선생님은 그 학생이 바로 찾아올 줄 몰랐습니다.
The teacher did not know that the student would visit (him) right away.
우리 이모는 조카가 답장할 줄 알았어요.
My (our) aunt (mistakenly) thought (her) nephew would reply.
제가 그런 말을 할 줄 정말 몰랐어요.
I really didn't know (you) would say a such thing.
너무 공부를 열심히 하다 보니 당신이 부르는 줄도 몰랐네요.
(I) studied so hard that (I) didn't even know you were calling me.
당신은 밖에 비가 내리는 줄 몰랐나요?
Didn't you know it was raining outside?
음악 소리가 커서 누가 문을 두드리는 줄 몰랐어요.
The music was so loud that (I) didn't know someone was knocking on the door.
피터 씨가 매운 음식을 그렇게 잘 먹을 줄 몰랐어요.
(I) didn't know (Mr) Peter could eat spicy food so well.
인터넷으로 주문한 상품이 오늘 배송될 줄 알았어요.
He (mistakenly) thought that the product he ordered online would be delivered today.
비가 오는 줄 모르고, 우산을 안 가지고 나왔어요.
(I) didn't know it was raining and (I) didn't bring an umbrella.
저는 숙제가 있는 줄 몰랐어요.
I didn't know there was homework.
저는 은혜 씨 남자친구가 있는 줄 몰랐어요.
I didn't know (Ms) Eunhye had a boyfriend.
남자친구가 없는 줄 알았어요.
(I) (mistakenly) thought (she) didn't have a boyfriend.
바람이 많이 불어서 날씨가 추운 줄 알았어요.
There was a lot of wind and (I) (mistakenly) thought the weather was cold.
저는 주인이 미국 사람인 줄 몰랐어요. 한국 사람인 줄 알았어요.
I didn't know the owner was American. (I) (mistakenly) thought (she) was Korean.