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Korean grammar - Just have to, it is enough to - (으)면 되다

Just have to, it is enough to - (으)면 되다

Pattern: Verb stem + () 되다

Combining () (if) with 되다 (to be OK) gives the pattern () 되다 which means 'just have to (and it'll be OK)' or 'it is enough to'. In short, this pattern expresses adequacy.

This pattern should not be confused with 되다 which means 'it is OK' in the sense of permission.

The word 그냥 (just) is often used in conjunction with this pattern, giving the sense that 'just' doing something will be adequate.

공부 열심히 하면 돼요.
(You) only need to study hard and it will be fine.
온라인으로 신청하면 돼요.
(You) just need to apply online.
내일 집에 여섯시까지 오면 돼요.
It's okay if (you) come home tomorrow by six o'clock.
조금만 넣으면 돼요
Just putting in a little bit will be fine.
이 약은 하루에 한 번만 먹으면 돼요.
(You) only need to take this medicine once a day.
컵라면은 뜨거운 물을 붓고 삼분만 기다리면 돼요.
For the cup noodle, pour hot water and (you) need to wait just three minutes.
인도네시아에 도착할 때는 공항에서 비자를 받으면 돼요.
When (you) arrive in Indonesia (you) can just get a visa at the airport.
한국 운전시험에 합격하려면, 70점 이상을 받으면 돼요.
To pass the Korean driving test (you) just need to score 70 points or more.
출발하기 2시간 전에 표를 사러 역에 가면 돼요.
It’s enough to go to the train station two hours before departure to buy a ticket.
곧 도착할 거예요. 샤워만 하면 돼요.
(I) will arrive soon. (I) just need to take a shower.
간단해요. 온라인으로 신청하면 돼요.
It's simple. (You) just apply online.
잘생길 필요는 없어요. 그냥 성격만 좋으면 돼요.
(You) don't need to be handsome. It is enough to have a good personality.

필요 없다 means 'to not be required'

그냥 means 'just' or 'only'

한국어를 빨리 배우려면 그냥 텔레비전 드라마를 많이 보면 돼요.
To learn Korean quickly, (you) just need to watch a lot of TV dramas.
마실 것 좀 드릴까요? 그냥 물이면 돼요.
Shall (I) give (you) something to drink? Just water is fine.
수건 하나만 싸면 돼요.
(You) just need tyo pack one towel.

수건 means 'towel'

싸다 means 'to pack' or 'to wrap' (and many other things!)

열심히 공부하고 영어에 시간을 더 투자하기만 하면 돼요.
All you have to do is study hard and invest more time in English.

투자하다 means 'to invest'