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Korean grammar - Isn’t it? - 지요?

Isn’t it? - 지요?

The pattern Verb stem + 지요 is used to confirm or to ask agreement with the listener about something that you already know.

This is like adding isn't it? in English.

지요 is very often shortened to .

The past tense version simply uses the past base in place of the verb stem.

And likewise the future tense version uses the future base + 거지요.

This pattern can also be used with nouns in this form: Noun + ()지요.

-- The is dropped if the noun ends in a vowel.

지금 비가 내리죠?
It is raining now, isn’t it?
골프 못 치지요?
(You) can’t play golf, can you?
이 사과 맛있지요?
These apples are delicious, aren’t they?
한국어 어렵지요?
Korean is difficult, isn’t it?
이 영화 재미있지요?
This movie is fun, isn’t it?
집이 멀죠?
(Your) house is far, isn’t it?
바닥이 차갑죠?
The floor is cold, isn’t it?
빵 좋아하죠?
(You) like bread, don't you?
술 마시죠?
(You) drink alcohol, don’t you?
커피 마셨죠?
(You) drank coffee, didn't you?
김윤아 씨는 어제 공부했지요?
(Mr) Kim Yon-A studied yesterday, didn't he?

Note that Koreans never say (Mr Kim) - it is considered rude

윤아 씨는 내일 공부할 거지요?
(Mr) Yon-A will study tomorrow, won't he?

A given name can be used with but only for someone younger

주말에 부산에 갈 거지요?
This weekend you are going to Busan, aren’t you?
어제 학교에 갔죠?
Yesterday you went to school, didn't you?
숙제는 꽤 어렵죠?
The homework is quite difficult, isn't it?

means 'quite', 'rather' or 'fairly'

결심을 아직 안 했죠?
(You) still haven’t decided yet, have you?
위원회가 내일 모일 거죠?
The committee will meet tomorrow, won't it?

위원회 means 'committee'

모이다 means 'to meet' or 'to gather'

저 사람은 선생님이지요?
That person is the teacher, isn't he/she?

선생님 ends in a consonant so add 이지요 선생님이지요

저것은 개지요?
That is a dog, isn't it?

ends in a vowel so drop the 개지요

그분이 어머니죠?
That person is (your) mother, isn't she?

어머니 ends in a vowel so drop the 어머니죠

저것은 제 고양이지요?
That is my cat, isn't it?

고양이 ends in a vowel so drop the 고양이지요