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Korean grammar - Indefinite Nouns - 누군가, 어딘가, 뭔가 & 언젠가

Indefinite Nouns - 누군가, 어딘가, 뭔가 & 언젠가

A question word (interrogative) can be converted into an indefinite noun by attaching ㄴ가 (or ㄴ지).

Someone: 누구 (who) + ㄴ가 누군가

Somewhere: 어디 (where) + ㄴ가 어딘가

Something: (what) + ㄴ가 뭔가

Sometime/day: 언제 (when) + ㄴ가 언젠가

The interrogative (why) is special. It takes a ㄴ지 ending to give 왠지 (for some reason)

누가 왔어요?
Who came?
누군가 왔어요.
Someone came.
누굴 만날 거예요?
Who will (you) meet?

누굴 is a contracted form of 누구를

누군가 왔어요.
Someone has come/arrived.
누군가가 내 뒤에 있다.
Someone is behind me.
누군가에게 시키세요!
Tell/order someone to do it!
어딘가 있을 거예요.
(I guess) she must be somewhere.

Here / 거예요 has the sense of speculation.

언젠가 미국에 가고 싶어요
Someday (I) want to go to American.
언제 미국에 가고 싶어요?
When do you want to go to America?
언제 일본에 갈 거예요?
When will (you) go to Japan?
언젠가 일본에 갈 거예요.
Someday (I) will go to Japan.
뭘 찾았어요?
What did (you) find?

is a contracted form of 무엇을

뭔가 찾았어요?
Did (you) find something?
뭔가 이상해요.
Something is strange.
뭐가 이상해요?
What is strange?
어디에 있어요?
Where is (it)?
여기 어딘가에 있어요.
(It) is here somewhere.
뭔가 묻었어요.
(It) has something stuck on (it).
언젠가 올 거라고 믿을 거예요.
I will trust that (you) will come some time.
어딘가 여행하고 싶어요.
(I) want to travel somewhere.
유석 씨의 얼굴에 뭔가 묻었어요.
Yuseok has something stuck on (his) face.

묻다 means 'to stick'

어딘가에 있겠죠?
(I guess) (it) must be somewhere, right?
요즘 왠지 피곤해요.
These days, (I) am tired for some reason.
왠지 모르겠어요.
(I) don't know for what (some) reason.

Or 'Somehow I don't know'