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Korean grammar - In order to do; for the purpose of - (으)려고

In order to do; for the purpose of - (으)려고

Pattern: Verb stem + ()려고

The Verb ending ()려고 means 'with the intention of' or 'for the purpose of' or even 'to try to'.

Typically that pattern is not used with ()ㄹ까요? and ()세요.

Note that if the intention results in movement (eg. to come or go with the intention of) then the form () is used - this is covered in the next topic.

어제 저녁에 밖에 일찍 나가려고 숙제를 빨리했어요.
(I) did my homework fast in order to go out early.

일찍 나가려고.. (in order to go out early)

신발을 신으려고 잠깐 앉았어요.
(I) sat down for a moment in order to put on my shoes.

신발을 신으려고… (in order to put on (my) shoes...)

그 뜻을 이해하려고 책을 두 번 읽었어요.
In order to understand that meaning, (I) read that book twice.

이해하려고… (in order to understand...)

그 친구를 주말마다 만나려고 노력해요.
(I) try to meet that friend every weekend.

노력하다 (to try, to strive to)

마다 means 'every'

지난주부터 한국어를 배우려고 노력하고 있어요.
Since last week (I) am trying to learn Korean.

배우려고 노력하고 있어요. ( am trying to learn)

잠시 후에 우리는 다시 놀려고 밖으로 나갔어요.
After a while we went out to play again.

놀려고 (in order to play)

잠시 후에 means 'after a little while'

영화를 보려고 숙제를 빨리 했어요.
(I) did my homework quickly to watch a movie.

영화를 보려고 (in order to watch the movie)

그는 위험한 동물에게 먹이를 주려고 하다가 목숨을 잃었어요.
He died trying to feed dangerous animals.

먹이를 주려고 (trying to feed)

먹이 means 'food'

목숨을 잃다 means 'to pass away' (a more delicate way to say 'to die')

살을 빼려고 매일 세 시간씩 운동해요.
(I) work out three hours a day to lose weight.

살을 빼려고 ( in order to lose weight)

아내에게 주려고 선물을 샀어요.
(I) bought a present for (my) wife.

아내에게 주려고 (in order to give to (my) wife)

잠을 자지 않으려고 커피를 다섯 잔이나 마셨어요.
(I) drank five cups of coffee to keep me from sleeping.

잠을 자지 않으려고 (in order that (I) don't sleep)

한국 대학교에 입학하려고 한국말을 배워요.
(I) am learning Korean to enter a Korean university.

한국 대학교에 입학하려고 (in order to enter a Korean university)

왜 한국어를 공부해요? 한국에 여행을 가려고요.
Why are (you) studying Korean? In order to travel to Korea.

가려고요 (in order to go)

한국어를 배우려고 노력하기 시작했어요.
(I) started to try to learn Korean.

노력하다 (to try, to strive to)

왜 다음 달에 한국어 배우기를 그만두려고 해요?
Why are (you) going to quit learning Korean next month?

그만두다 means 'to quit'

아내에게 주려고 선물을 샀어요.
(I) bought a present to give to (my) wife.
잠을 자지 않으려고 커피를 세 잔이나 마셨어요.
I drank three cups of coffee so that I would not fall to sleep.
컴퓨터를 배우려고 학원에 다니고 있어요.
In order to learn how to use computers, (I) go to an academy.

학원 means 'academy' or 'cram school'

오빠 목소리를 들으려고 전화했어요.
(I) rang to hear older brother's voice.

오빠 means 'a female's older brother' or 'a slightly older male' - often used by girls when referring boys around their age.

자려고 누웠는데 잠이 안 와요.
Even though (I) have lain down to sleep, (I) cannot fall asleep.

잠이 오다 means 'to be unable to fall asleep' - literally 'sleep does n not come'