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Korean grammar - From/since, and to/until - 부터 and 까지

From/since, and to/until - 부터 and 까지

In addition to being regular directional propositions, the particles 부터 and까지 are also used to mark points in time.

부터 means 'from a point in time' like the words 'from' or 'since'.

까지 means 'to a point in time' like the words 'to' or 'until'.

겨울은 일월부터 삼월까지예요.
Winter is from January to March.
밤 열시부터 아침 여섯시까지 자요.
(I) sleep from 10 at night to 6 in the morning.
한국어 수업은 오후 한시부터 네시까지예요.
The Korean class is from 1 pm to 4 pm.
올해 휴가는 칠월 삽십일에서 팔월 오일까지예요.
This year (my) vacation is from July 30th to August 5th.
언제부터 이 호텔에 머물렀어요?
From when have (you) been staying in the hotel?
일본에는 언제까지 있을 건가요?
Until when will (you) be in Japan?
저는 봄에서 여름까지 여행할 거예요.
I will travel from the spring until the summer.
월요일부터 목요일까지 회사에 가요.
(I) go to work from Monday to Thursday.
여름은 언제부터 시작해요?
From when does summer start?

In this case 언제부터 (from when) works better than just 언제 (when)

아홉시부터 운동을 할 수 있을 거예요.
(I) will be able to exercise from nine o'clock.
언제부터 여기에 살았어요?
Since when (from when) did (you) live here?
오늘부터 내일까지 시험기간이에요.
The exam period is from today to tomorrow.
이제부터 밤늦게까지 놀지 않을 거예요.
From now on, (I) won't play until late at night.