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Korean grammar - Feelings due to an action being complete - 버리다

Feelings due to an action being complete - 버리다

The verb 버리다 means 'to throw away'.

But it is also used to express relief or regret that an action is complete.

-- Glad to get something out of the way, or regret that that is the end of something.

See each phrase's comment for the nuance.

오늘 시험을 봐 버렸어요.
(I) took the test.

And is relieved that it is over

다 대답해 버렸어요.
(I) answered everything.

And is relieved to have done so

돈을 다 써 버렸어요
(I) spent/used all (my) money.

I am sad that

이젠 모든 것이 다 바뀌어 버렸어요.
(Sadly) now everything has changed.

The speaker didn't know that the situation had changed, but now he does. And he feels a bit disappointed about the changed situation.

세진이에게 말해버려요.
Just tell Sejin (and unburden yourself).

Tell Sejin and forget about the burden of your mind.

그녀는 그 말을 듣고 울어버렸어요.
She cried when she heard that.

Tried not to cry but cried anyway. Helpless feeling.

크게 웃고 잊어버리세요.
Laugh out loud and forget.

To laugh and be relieved from the burden of the heart.

그는 비밀을 누설해 버렸어요.
He gave a secret away.

Feeling regret for saying the secret.

그 사나이는 모두의 기억 속에서 잊혀져 버렸어요.
The man was forgotten in everyone's memory.

Feeling regretful about being forgotten

잊혀다 means 'to be forgotten by someone"

그는 받은 용돈을 다 써버렸어요.
He spent all his pocket money.

Feeling regretful about spending all money.

날씨가 덥고 해서 머리를 짧게 잘라 버렸어요.
It was so hot that I cut my hair short (and it is a relief).

Feeling relief after cutting (his) hair.

십 분밖에 안 늦었는데 친구는 저를 기다리지 않고 가 버렸어요.
Although I was not more than ten minutes late, (my) friend left without waiting for me.

I am disappointed that my friend went and didn't wait

그 영화가 벌써 끝나 버렸어요.
The movie is already finished.

I am sad that

그 사람이 결국 떠나 버렸어요.
He/she eventually left.

I am sad that

결국 means 'eventually';떠나다 means 'to leave'

지루한 교수님이 연설을 드디어 끝나 버렸어요.
The professor's boring speech finally ended.

I am sad that sarcasim

지루하다 means 'to be boring'

연설 means 'speech'

드디어 means 'finally'

그녀는 남자친구와 헤어져 버린 것 같아요.
It seems that she broke up with (her) boyfriend.

And is relieved to have done so

그 일을 다 해 버리서 내 속이 시원해요.
(I) have done all the work, and (I) feel better.

Is relieved to have done the work and now feel better