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Korean grammar - Even if, regardless - 아/어/여도

Even if, regardless - 아/어/여도

Pattern: Verb stem + //여도

The Verb ending //여도 expresses a disconnection between the two clauses it separates.

It functions like 'even if' or 'regardless' in English.

This pattern is always used for forward looking situations, and not for situation where the outcome is already known.

-- In those cases we can use the Verb stem + 지만 pattern.

The adverb 아무리 ('no matter what' or 'no matter how') is often used in conjugation with //여도 to give emphasis.

내일 비가 와도 취소하지 않을 거예요.
Even if it rains tomorrow, (we) will not cancel.
자리가 없어도 이 지하철을 탈 거예요.
Even if there is no seat, (I) will take this subway.
돈을 많이 못 벌어도 괜찮아요.
Even if (one) doesn’t make much money, it is okay.

아무리 means 'no matter how much'

잘생겨도 친절하지 않은 사람은 싫어요.
Even if (he) is handsome, (I) don't like unkind people.
돈이 많이 없어도 행복하게 살 수 있어요.
We can live happily even if we do not have a lot of money.
핸드폰이 없어도 불편하지 않아요.
(I) am okay (not uncomfortable) even if (I) don’t have a cellphone.
시간이 없어도 운동을 꼭 해야 돼요.
(You) should work out even if (you) don’t have time.
필요 없어도 가지고 갈 거예요.
(I) will bring (it) even if (it) is not needed.
아침 일곱 시 기차를 놓쳤어도 급행열차가 뒤에 올 거예요.
Even if (you) miss the seven AM train, the express train will come after.
밥을 아무리 많이 먹어도 배가 부르질 않네요.
No matter how much rice I eat, (I) don't feel full.
철수가 아무리 불러도 영희는 대답하지 않았어요.
No matter how much Cheolsu called, Yeonghee did not answer.
힘들어도 감사하며 생활하겠습니다.
Even if it is difficult, (I) will live with a thankful heart.
제가 잘못했어도 아버지는 저를 용서하셨어요.
Even though I did wrong, (my) father forgave me.
맛있는 빵을 주어도 그 아이는 먹지 않았어요.
Even though (I) gave (him) some delicious bread, the child wouldn't eat it.
돈이 많지 않아도 행복할 수 있어요.
Even if (one) doesn't have a lot of money, (one) can be happy.
성적이 나빠도 그리 실망할 필요는 없어요.
Though (you) have bad grades, (you) don't have to be so disappointed.
어제 온종일 잠만 잤어도 여전히 피곤하군요.
Even though (I) slept all day yesterday, (I) am (surprised to be) still tired.
그 새는 사람이 다가가도 도망가지 않았어요.
The bird didn't fly away even when a man comes closer to it.
아무리 기다려도 아무도 오지 않았어요.
Even though (I) waited for long time, no one came.
아무리 돈이 많아도 자랑해서는 안 돼요.
Even if (one) is super rich, (one) shouldn’t boast.

자랑하다 means 'to brag' or 'to boast'

아무리 힘들어도 끝낼 거예요.
No matter how hard (it is), (I) will finish (it).
아무리 말해도 말을 안 들어요.
No matter how many times (I) say, (s/he) doesn’t listen.
전화로 예약을 했어도 탑승권이 필요해요.
Even if (you) made a booking on the phone, (you) still need a boarding pass.

탑승권 means 'boarding pass'