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Korean grammar - Ended up doing or becoming - 게 되다

Ended up doing or becoming - 게 되다

Pattern: Verb stem + 되다

This pattern is used when a situation changes although somewhat beyond the control or will of the subject. The sense is of eventuality.

-- Recall that the particle has the sense that something was made to happen.

-- And the verb 되다 means 'to become'.

Recall also that in the past tense 되었어요 has the short form 됐어요.

The word 어쩌다 meaning 'somehow' or 'by chance' is often used with this pattern.

Given the indirectness of this pattern it has the sense of being more humble and less self-aggrandising.

그들은 막차를 타게 되었어요.
They ended up taking the last train.
그의 삶은 점점 더 바빠지게 되었어요.
His life ended up getting busier.
그는 새로운 그 회사의 신임 회장으로 취임하게 되었어요.
He became the new president of the new company.

신임 means 'newly appointed'

채영이는 직장을 그만두게 되었어요.
Chaeyoung ended up quitting the company.
손님이 없어서 문을 닫게 되었어요.
(I) was forced to close down the shop as there were no customers.
어쩌다 다리를 다쳐서 산에 하이킹을 못 가게 되었어요.
Somehow I hurt my leg so I couldn’t go hiking.
갑자기 일이 생겨서 못 가게 될 것 같아요.
Something suddenly happened so it seems I cannot go.
나중에 알게 될 거예요.
Later (we) will end up finding out.
저는 독일에 취직해서 거기에서 살게 되었어요.
I got a job in Germany and ended up living there.
그 사람을 사랑하게 되었어요.
(I) ended up falling in love with that person (him).
허리가 아파서 치료 하게 됐어요.
(I) had back pain and ended up getting treatment.
저는 그 회사에 취직하게 되었어요.
I ended up getting a job at that company.
어쩌다 시험을 합격하게 되었어요.
Somehow (I) ended up passing the exam.
한국에는 어떻게 오게 되었어요?
How did (you) end up coming to Korea?
처음에는 김치가 싫었지만, 이제 좋아하게 되었어요.
At first I didn't like kimchi but now I have come to like it.
그는 어제 밤 세시까지 공부를 하게 됐어요.
Turns out he studied until three o'clock.
언니는 남자 친구를 어떻게 만나게 됐어요?
How did (your) (male's) older sister end up meeting (her) boyfriend?
한국에 어떻게 오게 됐어요?
How did (you) end up coming to Korea?
결국 한국에 오게 된 이유는 뭐예요?
What reason made (you) end up coming to Korea?

이유 means 'reason'