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Korean grammar - As you know… - 다시피

As you know… - 다시피

Pattern: Verb stem + 다시피

The particle 다시피 is used to reiterate that the listener is (or should be) aware of or perceives something.

Common uses include:

알다 알다시피 - 'as you know'

보다 보다시피 - 'as you see'

듣다 듣다시피 - 'as you hear'

짐작하다 짐작하다시피 - 'as you can guess'

예상하다 예상하다시피 - 'as you expect'

This pattern is unaffected by tense - the tense of carried by the accompanying clause.

알다시피 내일이 미나의 생일이에요.
As (you) know, tomorrow is Mina's birthday.
보다시피 여기는 무료 의자가 없어요.
As (you) can see, there are no free chairs here.
보다시피 우리 모두는 잘 지내고 있어요.
As (you) can see we are all doing well.
듣다시피 수호이가 내일 온대요.
As I heard, Suhoi is coming tomorrow.
알다시피 여자 친구가 아직도 없잖아요.
As (you) know, (I) still don't have a girlfriend.
보다시피 저희 남자 친구가 키가 좀 작아요.
As (you) can see, my boyfriend is a little short.
알다시피 이 세상에 완벽한 것이란 없어요.
As (you) know, nothing is perfect in this world.

세상 means 'world'

완벽하다 means 'to be perfect' or 'to be immaculate'

보다시피 눈코 뜰 새 없이 바빠요.
As (you) can see, (I) am very busy.

눈코 없다 means 'to not be able to open one's eyes or nose' (idiom for being extremely busy)

짐작하다시피 마음을 바꿨어요.
As (you) can guess, (I) changed my mind.
보다시피 오늘 오후에는 교통 체증이 심할 거예요.
As (you) can see there will be heavy traffic this afternoon.
여러분도 아시다시피 한글을 창제한 분은 세종대왕이에요.
As (you) all know, the creator of Hangeul was King Sejong the Great.

아시다시피 with the honorific infix since we are addressing 여러분

우리 모두 느끼다시피 지금 날씨에는 어디에도 갈 수 없어요.
As we all feel (can tell), we can't go anywhere in this weather.
알다시피 학교 다닐 때 경제학에 관심 없었어요.
As (you) know, (I) wasn't interested in economics at school.
주지하다시피 경제 상황이 좋지 않습니다.
As (you) know, the economic condition is not good.

주지하다 means 'to notice' and is used in formal/academic situations

선생님도 아시다시피 요새 제 사정이 어려워요.
As (you) sir knows, my situation is difficult these days.

Here 선생님 serves as 'Mr' or 'sir'

요새 means 'these days'

사정 means 'circumstances' or 'situation'

짐작하다시피 저는 한국인도 일본인도 아니에요.
As (you) can guess, I am neither Korean nor Japanese.