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Korean grammar - As much as, as well as - 만큼

As much as, as well as - 만큼

Pattern: Noun + 만큼

The comparative particle 만큼 can be attached to a noun to mean 'as much as'.

This particle can also be used with a verb after converting it into a noun: Verb stem + 만큼

서울은 뉴욕만큼 복잡해요.
Seoul is a crowded as New York.
조현이는 언니들만큼 키가 커요.
Johyeon is as tall as (her) older sisters.
저는 엄마만큼 행복한 사람이 될 거예요!
I will become as happy a person as (my) mother!
바닷가의 모래만큼 많은 사람 있어요.
There are as many people as sand on the beach.
수박만큼 여름에 인기 있는 과일도 없어요.
No other fruit is as popular as watermelon in summer.

인기 means 'popularity'

인기 있다 means 'to be popular'

피터 씨만큼 한국어를 잘하는 외국인은 없어요.
There isn't a foreigner who can speak Korean as well as Mr. Peter.
세진이만큼 제가 수학을 잘할 수 있다면 어떨까?
What if I could be as good at math as Sejin?
제가 원하는 만큼 사과를 봉지에 담아 주세요.
Please put as many apples as I want in a bag.

봉지 means 'sack' or 'bag'

담다 mean 'to put into a container'

운동하는 만큼 몸은 건강해요.
The more (you) exercise, the healthier (you) will be.
공부를 하는 만큼 성적이 오를 거예요.
The more you study, the greater (your) grades will be.
책을 열심히 읽는 만큼 생각할 힘이 생겨요.
The more you read a book, the more (you) have the power to think.

열심히 읽다 means 'to read a lot'

생기다 means 'to emerge'

생각할 힘이 생기다 means 'the power of thought to emerge'

비디오 게임을 오래 하는 만큼 집중력이 떨어져요.
The longer (you) play the video game, the less (you) can concentrate.

떨어지다 means 'to fall' or 'to tumble'

각자 먹은 만큼 내면 될 것 같아요.
(I) think (we) should pay for as much as (we) each ate.

각자 means 'each

저도 형만큼 잘할 수 있으니까 걱정하지 마세요.
I can do as well as (my) brother so don't worry.
최선을 다한 만큼 좋은 결과가 있을 거예요.
(You) will get a good result, as much as (you) do (your) best.

최선 means 'the best'

결과 means 'result'

배도 사과만큼 맛이 좋아요.
Pears taste just as good as apples.
밤늦게 전화할 만큼 급한 일이에요?
Is it that urgent as to call (me) late at night?
저는 한국 사람만큼 한국어를 잘하고 싶어요.
I want to speak Korean as well as Koreans speak Korean.