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Korean grammar - Although, despite that - ㄴ/는데도

Although, despite that - ㄴ/는데도

Pattern: Verb stem + /는데도

The pattern Verb stem + /는데도 is used to express a contrast - in a negative, positive or even neutral sense.

The equivalent in English is 'although' or 'even though' or 'despite that'.

밥을 먹었는데도 배가 고파요.
Even though (I) have eaten, (I) am still hungry.
그는 설명을 들었는데도 모르겠어요.
Even though he has heard the explanation, (he) still doesn't understand.
약을 먹었는데도 아직 아파요.
Even though (I) have taken medicine, (I) am still sick.
공부하지 않았는데도 성적이 좋았어요.
(I) got good grades even though (I) didn't study.
그는 많이 먹는데도 살이 안 쪄요.
Even though he eats a lot, (he) doesn't gain weight.
더운데도 밖에서 일해야 해요.
(I) have to work outside even if it is hot.
어제 푹 잤는데도 오늘 많이 피곤하네요.
Even though (I) slept well yesterday, (I) am very tired today.
친구는 월급이 많은데도 회사를 그만두고 싶어 해요.
(My) friend wants to quit the company even though (his) salary is high.
아침에 청소했는데도 집에 먼지가 많아요.
Even after cleaning in the morning, there is a lot of dust in the house.
바쁘신데도 불구하고 와 주셔서 감사합니다.
Thank (you) for coming despite being busy.

불구하다 means 'to be despite something'

한국에 오래 살았는데도 한국어를 잘 못해요.
Although (he) has lived in Korea for a long time, (he) does not speak Korean well.
일본에 살았는데도 일본의 생활은 이해 못했어요.
Although (he) lived in Japan, (he) did not understand Japan's way of life.

생활 means 'way of life' or 'lifestyle'

미국 사람인데도 미국에서 살기 싫어요.
Even though (I) am American, (I) don't want to live in America.
옷장에 옷이 이렇게 많은데도 또 옷을 산다고 했어요?
Did (you) say that (you) buy more clothes even though there are so many clothes in (your) closet?
기차가 빨랐는데도 회의에 늦었어요.
Even though the train was fast, (I) was late for the meeting.
외국 사람인데도 한국말을 잘 해요.
Even though (I) am a foreigner, (I) can speak Korean well.
수잔은 호주 사람인데도 한국 사람만큼 한국말을 잘해요.
Even though Susan is Australian, (she) speaks Korean as well as she is Korean.
중국에서의 생활이 좋았는데도 한국의 생활이 더 좋아요.
Life in China was good, but life in Korea is better.
설 연휴가 짧은데도 고향에 가실 거예요?
Even though the Lunar New Year holiday is short, will (you) go to (your) hometown?
비가 오는데도 소풍을 갈 거라고 해요.
(They) say (they) will go on a picnic even if it rains.
많이 먹는데도 살이 찌지 않아요
(I) don't gain weight even though (I) eat a lot.
집이 가까운데도 날마다 늦게 와요.
Even though it's close to home, (I) come late every day.