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Korean grammar - Adjectives from descriptive verbs - 은/ㄴ

Adjectives from descriptive verbs - 은/ㄴ

Pattern: Verb stem + / and Noun

In Korean we can describe an object using a descriptive verb. For example 사과가 커요 (The apple is big).

We can also convert the descriptive verb into an adjective by adding / to the Verb stem.

So the descriptive verb 크다 (to be big) the adjective (big).

Then we can say 사과예요 (It is a big apple).

큰 사과를 주세요.
Please give me a big apple.

크다 (to be big) (big)

이 사람은 바쁜 사람이에요.
This person is a busy person.

바쁘다 (to be busy) 바쁜 (busy)

어제 맛있는 음식을 먹었어요.
Yesterday (I) ate delicious food.

맛있다 (to be tasty) 맛있는 (tasty)

저는 맑은 날씨를 좋아해요.
I like clear (sunny) weather.

맑다 (to be clear) 맑은 (clear)

슬픈 영화 좋아해요?
Do (you) like sad movies?

슬프다 (to be sad) 슬픈 (sad)

저는 재미있는 영화를 좋아해요.
I like funny movies.

재미있다 (to be funny) 재미있는 (funny)

따뜻한 커피 좀 주세요.
Please give (me) a hot/warm coffee.

따뜻하다 (to be warm) becomes 따뜻한 (warm)

중국에 있는 동안 싼 운동화를 샀어요.
I bought cheap sneakers while in China.

싸다 (to be cheap) (cheap)

저는 많은 돈을 가질 거예요.
I will have a lot of money.

많다 (to be many) 많은 (many, a lot)

저는 뚱뚱한 요리사를 만났어요.
I met the fat cook/chef.

뚱뚱하다 (to be fat) 뚱뚱한 (fat)

저기 키가 큰 사람이 승호 씨예요.
The tall person over there is Seungho.

키가 크다 (to be tall) 키가 (tall)

깃털이 없는 새는 못 날아요.
The bird without feathers couldn't fly.

없다 (to not have) 없는 (without)

저는 더 특별한 것을 사고 싶어요.
I want to buy something more special.

특별하다 (to be special) 특별한 (special)

사람들이 보지 않는 영화가 좋은 영화일 수 있어요?
Can a movie that people don't watch be a good movie?

않다 (auxiliary negating verb) 않는

어제 먹은 짠 음식이 영국 음식이에요?
Is the salty food you ate yesterday British food?

짜다 (to be salty) (salty)

짜다 means 'to be salty'

여자친구가 만든 멋있는 장갑이에요.
(These) are cool gloves my girlfriend made.

멋있다 (to be nice, to be cool) 멋있는 (nice)

멋있다 means 'to be nice' or 'to be cool'