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French grammar - Which one - lequel, laquelle, lesquels and laquelles

Which one - lequel, laquelle, lesquels & laquelles

The Interrogative pronouns lequel, laquelle, lesquels and lesquelles mean 'which one' or which ones.

They are the pronominal counterparts of the adjectives quel, quelle, quels and quelles.

And in French these must also agree in gender and number with the object being referred to:

lequel - masculine singular

laquelle - feminine singular

lesquels - masculine plural

lesquelles - feminine plural

When used with a preposition (like à and de) these pronouns simply mean 'to which' or 'in which'.

Also with certain prepositions we see the same contractions as with prepositions and the definite articles. For example à + lequel auquel ('to which' - masculine).

Lequel voulez-vous, celui-ci ou celui-là ?
Which one do you (formal) want, this one or that one?
Je veux un fruit. Lequel veux-tu ?
I want (a piece of) fruit. Which one do you (familiar) want?

fruit (m) means 'fruit' or 'a piece of fruit'

Je veux voir le film. Lequel voulez-vous voir ?
I want to see the film. Which one do you (formal) want to see?
Je veux la pomme là-bas. Laquelle ?
I want the apple over there. Which one?
Lequel de ces deux médecins veux-tu voir ?
Which one of these two doctors do you want to see?
Avez-vous les clés ? Lesquelles ?
Do you have the keys? Which ones?
Avez-vous le marteau ? Lequel ? Le grand ?
Do you have the hammer? Which one? The big one?

marteau (m) means 'hammer'

Note the use of an adjective (grand) as a specifying noun - le grand ?

La ville dans laquelle il y a une grande tour, c'est Paris !
The city in which there is a big tower, that is Paris!
Il y a deux options sur la carte. Laquelle voulez-vous ?
There are two options on the menu. Which one do you want?

option (f) means 'option'

carte (f) means 'menu' or 'map'

Laquelle de ces deux voitures est la plus rapide ?
Which one of these two cars is the fastest?
Voici deux femmes. Laquelle des deux est la plus belle ?
Here are two women. Which of the two is more beautiful?
Cinq maisons sont disponibles. Lesquelles voulez-vous voir ?
Five houses are available. Which ones do you want to see?

disponible (m) means 'available'

Nous allons à la plage. À laquelle allons-nous ?
We are going to the beach. To which one are we going?

à + laquelle à laquelle (to which)

Nous pouvons aller dans plusieurs pays de l'Europe. Auxquels voulez-vous aller ?
We can go to several countries in Europe. Which ones do you want to go to?

à + lesquels auxquels (to which ones)

La ville dans laquelle je vais demain, c'est Avignon.
The city I'm going to tomorrow is Avignon.

à + laquelle à laquelle (to which)

Le cinéma près duquel il y a un grand parc.
The cinema near which there is a large park.

près de + lequal près duquel (close from which)

C'est la robe dans laquelle elle est la plus belle.
This is the dress in which she is most beautiful.

dans + laquelle (in which)