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French grammar - What is your job? - Quel est votre travail ?

What is your job? - Quel est votre travail ?

In French when one refers to one's profession, the profession behaves like an adjective - there is no article un or une.

This topic illustrates this and some useful words and expressions used when discussing work.

Quelle est votre profession ?
What is your (formal) profession\occupation?

profession (m) means 'profession' or 'occupation'

Qu'est-ce que vous faites dans la vie ?
What do you (formal) do for a living?
Quel est votre travail ?
What is your (formal) job?
C'est quoi ton boulot ?
What is your (familiar) job?

boulot (m.slang) means 'job'

Je suis plombier.
I am a plumber.
Je suis avocate.
I (female) work as a lawyer.
Il est manager.
He is a manager.
Elle est enseignante.
She is a teacher.
Elle postule cet emploi.
She is applying for that job.

postuler (verb) means 'to apply for'

Elle postule à ce poste.
She is applying for that position.

postule à ('to apply for (a job)') is also commonly used but is improper French

Elle a eu le poste.
She got the job.
Benoît a démissionné.
Benoît has resigned.

démissionner means 'to retire'

Philip a été renvoyé.
Philip was fired.

renvoyer (verb) means 'to fire'

Sophie a été virée.
Sophie was sacked (female).

virer means 'to sack' or 'to fire'