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French grammar - Demonstrative Pronouns - this one, that one - celui, celle, ceux and celles

Demonstrative Pronouns - this one, that one - celui, celle, ceux & celles

The demonstrative pronouns celui, celle, ceux & celles replace a specific noun that was previously mentioned or alluded to.

-- The equivalent in English is 'one' or 'the one' - as in 'I want this one' or 'The one that I want'.

In French, these pronouns must agree with in number and gender with the noun they refer to.

Like the demonstrative adjectives, the particles -ci and -là can be used to better specify which 'one'.

Il veut celui-ci.
He wants this one.
J'ai deux cafés ; celui-ci est décaféiné.
I have two coffees; this one is decaffeinated.
C'est une bonne idée, et j'aime aussi celle de Paul.
It's a good idea, and I like Paul's one too.
C'est le livre d'histoire, mais où est celui de chimie ?
That is the history book, but where is the chemistry one?
Il y a deux livres ; celui-ci est d'Hugo, celui-là est de Balzac.
There are two books; this one is by Hugo, that one by Balzac.
Celui-ci ou celui-là ?
This one or that one?

When the gender is not clear or not previously specified, French always defaults to the masculine. Hence celui in this example.

Cette voiture est celle du médecin.
This car is the doctor's one.
Ce roman est trop court, et celui-là est trop long.
This novel is too short, and this one is too long.
Entre ces deux robes, je veux celle-ci.
Between these two dresses, I want this one.

entre means 'between' or 'among'

Tu veux celles-ci ou celles-là ?
Do you (familiar) want these (ones here) or those (ones there)?
J'ai deux pommes. Qui veut celle-ci ?
I have two apples. Who wants this one?
J'aime les deux. Quel est le prix de celui-ci ?
I like both. What is the price of this one?

les deux means 'both'

Vous ne voulez pas celui-là ? Qu'en est-il de celui-ci ?
You (formal) don't want this one? What about this one?

qu'en est-il de means 'what about (something)'

Ceux-ci sont chers et ceux-là sont bon marché.
These are expensive and these are cheap.

bon marché (adj) means 'cheap'