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French grammar - Comparison of adjectives and adverbs - plus, moins and aussi

Comparison of adjectives and adverbs - plus, moins & aussi

The comparatives plus ('more'), moins ('less') and aussi ('also') are used to compare adjectives and adverbs.

When used to make comparisons the particle que is added.

plus que means 'more than'

moins que means 'less than'

aussi que means ''

When contrasting two adjectives we simply put them either side of the que.

Autant que ('as much as') can be used as an adverb in its own right.

Marianne est plus jolie que Sophie.
Marianne is prettier than Sophie.

comparing an adjective

Ils sont plus sportifs que nous.
They are more athletic as we are.
Ton sac est plus grand que ma valise !
Your (familiar) bag is bigger than my suitcase!
Mon grand-père est plus âgé que ma grand-mère.
My grandfather is older than my grandmother.
Il est aussi grand que mon frère et moi.
He is as tall as me and my brother.
Elle est déjà aussi grande que sa mère.
She is already as tall as her mother.
Ils sont aussi contents que moi.
They are as happy as me.
Joséphine est aussi timide que sa mère
Josephine is as shy as her mother

timide (m.f.adj) means 'shy'

Cet arbre est plus grand que celui-là.
This tree is bigger than that one.
Tes enfants sont moins bruyants que les miens.
Your (familiar) children are less noisy than mine.

bruyant (adj) means 'noisy'

Elle est aussi intelligente que gentille.
She is as smart as she is kind.

Constrasting two adjectives by having them either side of the que

Les fraises ne sont pas aussi bonnes que les framboises.
The strawberries are as good as the raspberries.

framboise (f) means 'raspberry'

La table est aussi large que longue.
The table is as wide as it is long.

large (adj) means 'wide'

long (adj) means 'long' - longue (f)

Ils marchent moins vite que nous.
They walk slower than us.

comparing an adverb

Julie parle moins vite que Marianne
Julie speaks less quickly than Marianne
Elle chante aussi bien que sa tante.
She sings as well as her aunt.
Ce train-ci est plus rapide que celui-là.
This train (here) is faster than that one.
J'étudie autant que toi.
I study as much as you (familiar).
Joanne s'est couchée plus tôt que lui.
Joanne went to bed earlier than him.
Pourquoi a-t-il fait ses devoirs beaucoup plus lentement que sa sœur ?
Why did he do his homework much more slowly than his sister?
Il se comporte plus comme un Italien que comme un Français.
He behaves more like an Italian than like a Frenchman.

The comme makes the clauses adverbs

Il peut courir plus vite que n'importe qui.
He can run faster than anyone.

n'importe qui means 'anyone'