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Learn French Grammar Step‑by‑step


A 550-page book and accompanying mobile app.
● Step-by-step introduction to French grammar in 224 topics.
● Over 4,000 annotated examples.
● High-quality audio pronunciations via the app.
● Targeted exercises to help learning and retention.

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A new way to learn French Grammar

Bootstrap French Grammar is a new way to learn French grammar. Starting from the beginning, the idea is progress in small self-contained steps (called ‘topics’). Each topic builds on the last, by incrementally adding new grammatical patterns, new vocabulary and lots of useful examples.

In total there are 224 grammar topics and over 4,000 examples phrases.

Each topic includes a thorough explanation of the grammar and then lots of examples that illustrate the grammar. Each example includes an English translation, as well as notes highlighting how each example illustrates that topic's grammar, as well as the meanings of new French words.

The companion mobile application is now available also called "Bootstrap French Grammar". The app contains all the content contained in this book - including 224 grammar topics and over 4,000 example phrases. And in additional, there is high quality French native-speaker audio for every example. More details here.

Take a look inside the book

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What will you learn from this book?

Bootstrap French Grammar App

The companion mobile app

All the content in the book PLUS audio!

  • All 224 grammar topics - step-by-step
  • All 4,000 plus example phrases
  • Annotated examples and English translations
  • AND high quality native-speaker audio pronunciations for each and every example.
  • In-app QR code synchronization with the book
  • NEW! Hands off voice-controlled example phrases review
  • Available for both iPhone/iPad and Android.

A word from the book's Editor

Peter Vujanovic photo

Peter Vujanovic

Hello and Bonjour! My name is Peter and I'm the CEO and Chief Editor at Declan Software. I had the great pleasure of managing the writing and production of Bootstrap French Grammar - both the book and the companion app. It was my job to put togther the great team of French language experts who contributed to the compilation of this book.

I'd like to give a special thank you to the main contributors:

  • Aude Vial, Aurore Baudin and Constance de Crayencour for proofreading the French and the English translations, as well as for invaluable advice on aspect of the grammar.
  • Alma Chomel for doing a superb job recording the French 4,000 examples phrases for the companion mobile application.

Our team at Declan Software is always striving to make the best language learning material - both books and apps - and we look forward to further releases of the Bootstrap Grammar series. Next up Spanish, German and Japanese!

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